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Remarkable Scout Gathering and Centenary Celebration of Dharmaraja Scouts

Dharmaraja College is one of the first schools that started scouting in Sri Lanka in early nineteenth century and it is going to celebrate its 100 years of scouting in year 2013. It is also astonishing year to Dharmaraja College since the celebration of 125th anniversary of the School is going to be held in 2012 so that RISGO Centennial 2013 will be the last item for the centenary celebrations. Today the Dharmaraja scout troop is recognized as one of the best scout troops in the world. To mark the centenary celebration of Dharmaraja Scouting, RISGO centennial 2013an International Scout Jamboree is being organized by Dharmaraja Scout Group and Old Rajans Scout Association.

RISGO Centennial 2013 will be one of the largest youth gatherings with participation over 5000 scouts from more than 50 countries throughout the globe and every district in Sri Lanka under the theme of 'toward the global leadership'. This is going to be held in grand level from 18th to 22nd February, 2013 at Lake View Park International Scout Center, Dharmaraja College, Kandy. All participants will gain a lot of new experience while participating in deferent types of activities like special ceremonies, international night, camp fires, cultural shows, friendship games and activities, adventure and exploration activities, water skills, scout skills, educational skills, camping skills, team building events, open air display and many more.

RISGO Centennial 2012 Official Badge

On 3rd December, 2012 Officials of RISGO Centennial 2013 met the Chief Scout, His Excellency MahindaRajapakse, President of Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka and presented the first Jamboree Scarf and the Badge.

The meeting was held at the Raja Medura (official President's House in Kandy) on 3rd December 2012, with the participation of RISGO chief S.M. Keerthirathna, Co-President Mr. SarathMatharaarachchi and all the top officials of RISGO and 1st Kandy Dharmaraja Scout Group members.

During the meeting, RISGO officials explained the background of Dharmaraja Scouting and the concept behind the event RISGO. Also RISGO officials invited His Excellency President to be the chief guest at the event.

The chief scout, His Excellency President expressed his well wishes and express fullest support to the event.

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